Vilgreere Castle Town is a massive and Fortified City. It is made of finely cute white stone masonry and has waxed wooden rooftops that give the whole city a very uniform pretty look.

Notable Landmarks

Vilgreere Castle

Home of the Rylan Royal Family and backbone of the organization of Vilgreere’s government. This building looks enlightened and indomitable. Easily able to house a thousand people in a time of peace, defendable by several thousand soldiers if the walls of the city were ever taken by enemies.

The Guzzling Wench

A tavern for the everyman who has a bit of coin to spend. Usually you can find good booze, good food, good wenches, and good entertainment.

The Broken Drum

“It can’t be beat!” This local tavern specializes in entertainment first and food second. The food is worse than the wench, but there’s always a good bard on hand.

Booze and a Bench

The scummiest bar you can find in Vilgreere.

Celestial Inn

The most clean, upscale inn in town. Only the richest can afford the luxury. Run by a nobleman, Jeffy Cheethos, who considers pampering the wealthy an important and solemn duty.


Gnome Depot

Owned by Fructose Furchin
Business: Various Trade

Simple Goods 100% Price
+2 Breastplate of jousting 8100 gp
+4 Half-Plate Armor 16750 gp
+2 Heavy Wooden Shield of Ramming 9157 gp
Oil of Light (5) 25 gp
Potion of Virtue (2) 25 gp
Ring of Animal Friendship 10000 gp
Scroll of Endure Elements 25 gp
Scroll of Entangle 25 gp
+3 Studded Leather Armor 9175 gp
Wand of Sleep 750 gp
Winter Wolf Headband 32000 gp

The Halberdashery

Owned by Punnifer Galwight
Business: Weapons and Hats

Martial + Simple + Exotic Weapons 100% Price
+1 Martial + Simple + Exotic Weapons 100% Price
Bloodletting Kukri (From Goremound) 6400 gp
+1 Defending, Seaborne Dagger 18000 gp
+2 Ghost Touch Dagger 15500 gp
+1 Thundering Shortbow (sheds light) 8330 gp
Bladed Hat 250 gp
+3 Dagger 17000gp
+2 Great Maul (Greatclub) 8000 gp
Guarding Blade 62000 gp
+1 Longbow of Flame 7000 gp
+ 4 Longsword 32000 gp
Valor’s Minion (From Bereliand) 42000 gp
Hat of Disguise 1800 gp
Greater Hat of Disguise 11500 gp
Headband of Alluring Charisma +2 4000 gp
Headband of Alluring Charisma +6 36000 gp
Headband of Counterspelling 20000 gp
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +4 16000 gp
Headband of inspired Wisdom +6 36000 gp
Headband of Mental Superiority +2 16000 gp
Headband of Mental Superiority +6 144000 gp
Headband of Vast Intelligence +4 16000 gp
Hat of Fortune’s Favor (Headband) 7500 gp

Pyromancy and Lesser Magicks

Owned by Douse and Burnham
Business: Scrolls and other Magic

All Level 0 Scrolls 100% Price (usually 12 gp)
All Level 1 Scrolls 100% Price (usually 25 gp)
All Level 2 Scrolls 100% Price (usually 150 gp)
Manual of Gainful Exercise +1 27500 gp
Manual of War 6000 gp
Scroll: Aspect of the Stag 700 gp
Scroll: Banishment 2275 gp
Scroll: Cure Critical Wounds 700 gp
Scroll: Greater Invisibility (2) 700 gp
Scroll: Gaseous Form 375 gp
Scroll: Mass Bull’s Strength 1650 gp
Scroll: Pernicious Poison 150 gp
Scroll: Teleport 1125 gp
Scroll: True Seeing 1375 gp
Scroll: Wind Walk 1650 gp
Wand: Bless (50 charges) 750 gp
Wand: Clairvoyance/Clairaudience (50 Charges) 12000 gp
Wand: Cure Serious Wounds (49 Charges) 10000 gp
Wand: Flaming Sphere (50 Charges) 4500 gp
Wand: Greater Magic Fang (50 Charges) 11200 gp
Wand: Heat Metal (50 Charges) 4500 gp
Wand: Shield of Faith (50 Charges) 750 gp
Wand: Slow (50 Charges) 12500 gp
Wand: Fireball (50 Charges) 12500 gp
Wand: Spell Immunity (50 Charges) 21000 gp
Wand: Groundswell (50 Charges) 4500 gp
Wand: Frigid Touch (50 Charges) 4500 gp
Elixir of Truth 500 gp
Oil of Mage Armor (4) 50 gp
Potion of Acute Senses 300 gp
Potion of Cat’s Grace (2) 300 gp
Potion of Countless Eyes 750 gp
Potion of Tongues 750 gp
Potion of Virtue (5) 25 gp
Potion of Cure Light Wounds (15) 50 gp
Potion of Invisibility (3) 300 gp
Unguent of Timelessness 150 gp

Boring Bob’s Buffers and Bulwarks

Owned by Bob
Business: Shields and Armor

All Armors + Shields 100% Price
All Masterwork Armors 100% Price
All +1 Armors and Shields 100% Price
+5 Banded Mail of Light Fortification 35000 gp
+1 Benevolent Bolstering Full Plate 7200 gp
+2 Heavy Wooden Shield of Bashing 9000 gp
Dragonhide Plate 3300 gp
Burglar’s Buckler 4700 gp
+2 Chainmail 4300 gp
Fortress Shield 19000 gp
+1 Defiant Stanching Studded Leather Armor 9000 gp
+3 Studded Leather Armor 9100 gp
+2 Brawling Full Plate 10600 gp
Wyrmslayer’s Shield 20000 gp

Murders and Acquisitions

Owned by ?? Requires Knowledge(Local) or Diplomacy roll of 27 to locate
Business: ?

Cloak of Elvenkind 2200 gp
+3 Composite Longbow 15000 gp
Frost Fist Amulet 8800 gp
Ring of Maniacal Devices 4500 gp
Shield Cloak 850 gp
Wand: Dimension Door (5 Charges) 3000 gp
Minor Rod of Selective Spell Metamagic 3000 gp
Staff of Conjuration 80000 gp
Wand: Remove Curse (40 Charges) 8200 gp
Crown of Swords 5600 gp
+1 Shadow Chain Shirt 5000 gp
Lion’s Shield (Once owned by Deceased Rylan Prince) 15000 gp


The Dark Horizon Frieth