Titles: Radiant Dawn, Bringer of Life
Pantheon Human
Portfolio Sun, Life, Growth, Healing
Typical Worshippers
Alignment Neutral Good
Favored Weapons Warhammer, Starknife
Domains Fire, Glory, Healing, Sun

Common Perception Sharae is beloved by the common folk of the world as she does not discriminate against the poor and actively helps the weak. She does not grant more or less favor based on power or station and therefore is also not appreciated quite as much by the rich and powerful. Open worship is common and will raise no eyebrows. It is assumed that a common follower of the Bringer of Life is a benevolent and good soul: a being that one would want as a neighbor.

Dogma Sharae believes all life is sacred and needs to be protected and grown. Followers are natural healers and spend their time working to promote life and light. Protection of the weak, especially newborn life and communities are Sharae’s prerogative and as such, she is often still revered and worshipped in larger communities. Yet, just as often, once something is strong enough, she is forgotten when her protection and blessings are no longer needed.

Procreation is a holy concept to all of the Sun Goddess’s true worshipers, and her clergy are known to be willing to love quickly and often. Caveat to this is that they will always watch over and support their young, and those who might dare to shirk the responsibilities of parenthood will face the wrath of their goddess.

As life itself is sacred to the followers of Sharae, they are counselled to hate no living creature. The concept of killing is not any more taboo than it would be to any civilized society, but even enemies are to be looked at favorably if they truly repent. Forgiveness and redemption are highly valued to the Radiant Dawn.

Hatred is not unknown to Sharae, and undead are to be destroyed and purged as they are always a profanity and hindrance to the ever-expanding circle of life. Raising undead is impossible to Clerics of Sharae and they are stripped of their powers until they atone should they even try.

Responsible use of power is taught and enforced within her clergy and in settlements dominated by them. Abuse of power in a manner that puts life at risk is abhorrent and punished. Kingdoms with a Sun Cleric advisor generally avoid pollution, abuse of the weak and ecological decay by society. It is this reason that most kingdoms simply do without.

The Goddess
Sharae herself is pictured as a radiant blonde woman clad in white. She is fond of plant and animals, bright and clear weather and peace. Depicted as a strong and healthy woman, she is usually viewed as helping the weak or sick, watching over people or animals, and smiling upon the young.


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