Rylan Royal Family

The Rylan Royal Family has ruled Vilgreere since its dawn several hundred years ago.

King Amili Rylan – The Master of the Rylan house, King Rylan watches over Vilgreere with a particular eye for mystical dangers and foreign adversaries. He is an expert diplomat and was prevented wars through negotiation.
Uncommon Knowledge: Has a hatred of Kandor as he believes they are responsible for his son’s death.

Queen Dara Rylan – Dara Lindarra married her love, Amili Rylan and was taught the secrets of the Rylan Family. She dotes on her people and does her best to ensure their safety and increase the quality of their lives.
Uncommon Knowledge: Hails from the Gribble family. Cut ties with her family when joining the Rylan house.

Princess Veranna Rylan – Blessed with the gift of sorcery, this girl is loved by the people for her beauty and kindness.
Uncommon Knowledge: Fancies herself an adventurer and is incredibly naive. She is obsessed with the old stories and wishes to directly make a difference in the world.

Poraban Rylan – Brother of the King, Poraban keeps watch over the cities within the reach of Vilgreere. He performs most of the normal duties of ruler and also reaps the benefits of being what is essentially the acting King.
Uncommon Knowledge: Trying to recruit talent to handle an internal danger within the empire.

Harvar Rylan – Deceased Prince of Vilgreere. Disappeared after a diplomatic mission to Kandor. Remnants of his body and his possessions were found on the road with a number of corpses of his royal bodyguard.

Rylan Royal Family

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