Manya is a trade hub that serves to connect the fertlie farm plains near Vilgreere Castle Town.

There is a massive building known as The Barn, where most trades, displays and dealing happen. The Barn is built on the foundation of the ruins of an ancient structure with various chambers below mostly used for storage.


Fox’s Arms

Owned by Fox Dorinson
Business: Weapons

Martial + Simple Weapons 110% Price
+1 Warhammer 2312 gp
Masterwork Silver Dagger 322 gp
Shatterspike 4315 gp
+1 Thundering Shortbow (sheds light) 8330 gp

Trader Joe

Owned by Trader Joe
Business: Miscellaneous

Battlement Shield 16180 gp
Oil of Light 25 gp
Scroll of Shield 25 gp
Scroll of Stone Fist 25 gp
Potion of Invisibility 300 gp
Wand of Bear’s Endurance 50 Charges 4500 gp

Master Godwin’’s Masterful Goods

Owned by Godwin
Business: Miscellaneous

Wand of Divine Favor 600 gp
+1 Breastplate 1200 gp
Wand of Invisibility 4600 gp
Ring of Feather Falling 2000 gp
Scroll of Displacement 325 gp
Tyrant’s Friend 2700 gp
Cloak of the Manta Ray 7000 gp
Belt of Teeth 3700 gp
Claws of the Ice Bear 1000 gp


The Dark Horizon Frieth