House Rules

Feat and Archtype Selection – The Following sources are allowed for feat, archtype and ability selection: Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Advanced Race Guide, Advanced Class Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat. Campaign or Setting Specific sources such as the Inner Sea World Guide or Rise of the Runelords are not allowed without GM permission. It will likely not be granted.

Spell Selection – Spells are limited to what are in the CORE RULEBOOK. If a spell is outside the core rulebook you can learn it either by seeing it cast and making a Spellcraft check to identify it, learning/using it through the use of a scroll, or being taught by another caster who already knows the spell via a successful spellcraft roll. Note that this only unlocks the spell for your use. It will not add it to your spellbook or equivilent unless you spend the money to do so.

Skill Focus – This feat will also make the skill selected a class skill if it is not already a class skill.

Resurrection – Spells that resurrect the dead are not available. Raise Dead, Reincarnation, Wish, and Miracle spells do not function either. There is no known way to bring the dead back to life permanently.

Martial Spears – If you have martial weapon proficiency, Short Spears have a x3 critical strike chance, Spears can be wielded in one hand and longspears gain a thrown weapon range increment of 10 ft.

House Rules

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