Holbrook is a town within the Kingdom of Vilgreere that houses the human controlled Shrine of Creation. The City itself has never seen wars or mass fighting due to the effect of the shrine and as such has been a very peaceful place to live. The locals specialize in logging and fishing the Holbrook Lake and stream. Taxation is fairly heavy and there is little other reason to be unless it is festival time or you work the forest or farms nearby. There are a few fairly well-to-do shops that make powerful items in hopes of selling them around festival time.

Without walls, the city sprawls with mostly wooden structures. The few stone structures are generally owned by rich or powerful people.

Notable Structures

Wanderer’s Haven – Classy wooden varnished building. Mid to high class inn. Owned by Terracks Raiser

Turjo runs inn on the east side called Clicks. It’s also a brothel.

Garth and Jard – Bounders from the Cursed Nightlands


Billy’s Blacksmithery

Owned by Big Billy Headwelt
Business: Weapons and Armor

All Simple, Martial and Exotic Weapons Available 100% Price
All Masterwork Martial Weapons Available 100% Price
All Masterwork Armors Available 95% Price
+1 Simple, Martial Weapons Base Price + 2000
+1 Armor and Shields Base Price + 1000
Mithral Shirt 1200
+ 1 Bitter Breastplate 4000
Rhino Hide 5000
+2 Shadowed Studded Leather 7000
+1 Half Plate of Spell Resistance (13) 8000
Celestial Shield 12500

Samara the Flameweaver

Owned by Samara the Flameweaver
Business: Enchanted Clothing and Magical Devices

Belt of Tumbling 800
Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 4200
Belt of Physical Perfection +2 18000
Druid’s Vestment 3300
Sorcerer’s Robe 5000
Corset of Dire Witchcraft 22000
Quick Runner’s Shirt 1000
Vest of the Cockroach 16000
Eyes of Keen Sight 6000
Boots of the Cat 1000
Boots of Speed 11500
Gloves of Arrow Snaring 4200
Cap of Human Guise 800
Helm of the Mammoth Lord 8500
Dead Man’s Headband 3600
Shifter’s Headband (Wis) +2 5000
Headband of Mental Prowess (Cha, Wis) +2 11000
Headband of Vast Intelligence +4 16000
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 2000
Necklace of Fireballs Type 1 1650
Necklace of Fireballs Type 2 2700
Necklace of Fireballs Type 3 4350
Necklace of Fireballs Type 4 5400
Necklace of Fireballs Type 5 5850
Necklace of Fireballs Type 6 8100
Necklace of Fireballs Type 7 8700
Amulet of Mighty Fists +2 18000
Cloak of Human Guise 900
Cloak of Elvenkind 2700
Cloak of Resistance +3 7000
Bracers of Armor +2 4200
Bracers of Lesser Archery 4800
Armbands of the Brawler 1000
Ioun Torch 100
Ioun Torch 100
Animated Portrait – Samara the Flameweaver 450
Feather Token – Tree 350
Bead of Newt Prevention 1000
Elemental Gem – Fire 2100
Ioun Stone – Dusty Rose 5000
Stone Horse – Courser 10500
Brazier of Conjuring Fire Elementals 90000


The Dark Horizon Frieth