The Orellan Imperium
Long ago, an ancient people ruled the entire continent. This nation was known as the Orellan Imperium. Little is known about them other than the fact that they used great magics and loved stone works. The empire was said to have fallen apart several hundred years before the rise of Vilgreere. The Orellans were said to have come to power by conquering humanity after uprooting some dark power that ruled over the land.

The Mighty Vilgreere Empire
Vilgreere, the older of the two human nations, has been the de facto mightiest Human power on the Dragon’s Head continent for hundreds of years. It began as a feudal society, sworn to the King. This society is ruled by the Rylan Royal Family. The Rylans were a strong-willed, diplomatic and smart people and brokered trade and friendship with the reclusive dwarves, the inventive gnomes, and the enigmatic elves. Learning many things from the elder races, Vilgreere began conquering every human tribe and settlement across the land, avoiding elven and dwarven settlements due to trade and friendship of the royal family. Where Vilgreere went, humanity was given both the sword and education and culture.

The conquered human tribes and villages were treated well, though they had to create wealth and pay taxes to the royal city. Still, humanity does not like a foreign ruler and though life was not bad, rebellions began to break out. Now a mighty empire that reached from Arte Lake to the Marshes of Kargadda; Vilgreere finally stopped expanding its holdings. The ruling family realized that it costed more to conquer than to simply hold what it had. After a long debate, the family released nearly half of the empire from its hold, granting freedom to each kingdom that rebelled and many more that did not. Withdrawing its armies and wealth, Vilgreere, consolidated its power and its culture. To many of the barbarian tribes, Vilgreere is a legend of fear and wonder.

The Rise of Kandor
Abandoned by Vilgreere, the area that was once ruled by various barbarian tribes in the past, now had cities and trade already established. The rise of the City-States eventually turned into war as many of the people conquered and released by Vilgreere wished to emulate and exceed the might of the great human empire. After decades of warfare, the City-State of Kandor rose as a city paid tribute by each of the other City-States. Resentment again was built up in the west. When it seemed like war was inevitable, the Orcs of the west invaded. The free-states of humanity, now under attack lost all enmity for Kandor as it’s mighty armies came to the aid of it’s tributaries. After a successful war against the Orc threat, Most City-States swore allegiance to Kandor and called themselves Kandorians.

Kandor never has stopped expanding their holdings, nor their watchfulness upon the Orclands to the west. Kandor has nearly reached the borders of Vilgreere proper in its expansion and that Rylan Royal family watches and waits wondering if Kandor seeks to claim Vilgreere as one of its tributaries.

The Festival of Creation – The celebration of creation occurs once every five years.


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