The Dwarves of Vol are made of Stone, Earth, Blood, and Spirit. Personality is governed by spirit. It is considered a blessing to have a balance of the pillars of spirit, and a curse to be lacking in any. Having an abundance of a pillar will lead to great or terrible things.

Dwarven Clerics
Dwarves who are strong in several pillars of spirit can tap into the spiritual pool of their race and fuel divine magic. Dwarven Clerics choose pillars of faith to channel and revere. Though many have the same abilities, they tend to use clerical magics that match what pillars they represent.

The Pillars of Dwarven Spirit

Endurance – The physical hardiness of the dwarves is legendary, but Dwarven Endurance means more than tough skin and pain tolerance. Patience is a mighty virtue, and endurance of time. Diligence is enduring until the task is finished, no matter how insurmountable. Courage is endurance of fear.

Faith – Faith is the belief in uncertainty. Ties to the Gods are born of Faith. Love is born of Faith. Confidence is borne of Faith. Faith lends strength when often nothing else will, especially at times when all you fight for is what is right.

Greed – Greed is a Dwarven word, and to the other peoples of Vol, its meaning is that of stinginess or a gluttony of wealth. It has a very different meaning to the Dwarves. Dwarven Greed is a desire to better oneself in any way possible. This can lead to great ambitions in many things: Wealth, Station or Invention. It is the driving force of movement within the Dwarven Soul.

Honor – Dwarven Honor is dependability. It binds clans together to put others and society ahead of oneself. Justice is born of Honor, as is Duty and Loyalty. Honor is highly regarded among dwarves and a trait they feel gives them success where other races fail.

Innovation – Intelligence, Creativity and Imagination bring great inventions and crafts into being. Dwarven Craftsmen and Spellcasters prize innovation as the most important pillar. To create can bring betterment to oneself and at it’s most potent, to all Dwarves.

Wrath – Dwarven Wrath is not only anger and retribution, but also the strength to act decisively when the time is right. Dwarves who tame their wrath become the most feared of all warriors, but those who are ruled by it are shunned and shamed. Wrath fuels strength, Action, and Vengeance.


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