Character Creation

Before you start If you have questions or want help, please talk to your GM. He can work with you to understand abilities or otherwise even help you come up with a character concept or advise you on effective strategies. It is better to ask about things you think either aren’t very good or are too good so that you do not build your character around something that won’t work.

Who Are You?

Think about the concept of your character. What sounds fun? A mighty warrior who wields a massive weapon and sunders everything in his path? A trickster bard that ceaselessly mocks her opponents into making mistakes? Once you come up with the framework, look into the motives and origins of your character. Though not required, Roleplaying Companion is strongly recommended to help you answer these questions.

Ability Scores

Ability scores will be governed by Pathfinder Point-Buy . You will be given 15 points with which to buy stats. Remember to buy stats before choosing race and applying stat changes from racial modifiers.


Limited to standard Pathfinder Core Races. Race can be completely customized if desired using the Ultimate Race Guide. You may switch out racial traits as per the rules in the URG.

If something unique is requested, ask your GM and it will be talked over and done if balance is possible.

Races to choose from:


All classes from the Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat are allowed with the exception of Gunslinger and Antipaladin. Class Archtypes may also be selected to further customize your Class to better fit your vision.

Be prepared to discuss your past with the GM to cover the circumstances you have gained your abilities. A fighter may be born anywhere, but a Witch might have a more interesting past.

Classes to choose from:


Starting Equipment can be bought at base value. Each character will start with 110 Gold pieces.

You may look at what you can purchase on the Equipment Page
You may buy any weapon or armor you can afford. Other items cannot be purchased if they exceed a value of 10gp unless you have GM approval.

Elemental Powers

Over the course of your adventure, you will gain access to elemental powers. Everyone is being told of this before hand. No two players may choose the same element but you will have influence over which element you are granted. Your elemental powers will manifest in a manner that will partially be chosen by you and partially generated by the abilities of your character.

The Elements

  • Water
  • Ooze
  • Earth
  • Magma
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Air
  • Mist

The Holy Elements

  • Life
  • Light
  • Ice
  • Sonic
  • Crystal

The Forbidden Elements – These cannot bless your character

  • Death
  • Void
  • Shadow
  • Metal
  • Acid

Character Creation

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