Government: Monarchy

Structure – Each settlement and area is ruled by an elven family. Each family is required to have a representative in Bereliand, the settlement of the royal house of Alataran, in order to bind the kingdom together and allow it to act quickly in times of need. This nexus of power has turned Bereliand into a center of elven culture, intrigue, trade, and learning.

Marriage – When a marriage happens, the houses are joined in a manner that elevates the position of the lesser house. The houses are tied together and bound to watch and protect one another. Houses most commonly marry into equal houses within the same dominion or if they are lucky, into a greater house that rules over them. Both partners retain their original house names and the child takes the name of the greater house or in rare cases, the lesser house if it is in dire need of an heir. This would be decided by the parents and the parents alone.

Qualomenta – The primary method of arbitration, dealing and contracting is the Qualomenta. A neutral meeting hosted at a third party location where deals are set, disputes dealt with and binding agreements brokered. The host of such meetings has the final say in dispute settling and some power even in negotiations.


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