The Dark Horizon

176 days from joining the Spirit Keepers

Cuerlith's travel journal

After finding some particularly nice bones, I was told to head west as the sun set. Upon my finding the road I was able to see the camp fires of a large caravan, it seems only natural that this is where I should approach.

As I was talking with the sentinel (who seemed rather important, he was regally treated by other, more powerful elves so I can only assume he is of some high house, but I can’t recall is the Lemavanya are important). He seemed a nice fellow, smitten by some maiden whom I also assume is traveling in this group (he must be standing a watch as some sort of impressive courting ritual). I feel if I may have over stepped my bounds as I detected and attacked a swamp dweller who was sneaking up, it was pointed out to me how obvious this “attack” was no doubt the noble elf was going to defeat this lizard to prove his strength to the maiden and I took that opportunity from him, he was however able to act gracious but I will be more careful in the future to not thwart others plans.

Meeting the sentries guards was odd, he has a Human sun worshiper, a young human girl with some sort of planier accident (the consensus I have heard is part hound archon and part something called a cosmic bovine, love in the heavens can be fickle) and a very down to earth human tree singer and his pet with extravagant taste. I believe that having this odd entourage may be some kind of status symbol, but I am not sure.

The tree singer spoke of visiting the lake, while I have nothing to report it would be good to see its shores and swim with the spirits once more, so I shall accompany them and see what comes of it.



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