The Dark Horizon

15 Days since meeting the Lover Noble

We have just finished the taking of a warship from a group of assailants lead by Taleisien’s House guard, while I am not sure why he was leading a warship against us, but I believe it has something to do with the lady he is courting (It is very odd, he is pledging to marry her, but she is betrothed to his brother, nobles are very odd in their dealings). These strange courting rituals aside, we have made good time with the odd elf to the shrine where we are to undertake some form of quest to return an artifact to another house for their blessing in Taleisien’s marriage of his brother’s fiance (these courting rituals seem very complex, I think that I will do my best to avoid ever marrying anyone from a house not under the Gollayor). I am still not sure what this has to do with the wind shrine, but these adventurers are powerful and seem to be a group of The Chosen, so whatever they are doing is for the greater good of all, I shall continue to protect them as best I can. I have written to my superiors to let them know that I am traveling with the chosen and I await any additional instructions, but I plan to take them to the lake of spirits so that they may see those who came before them and the greatness that they now follow in.



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