The Dark Horizon

The Inquisition of Ragishon Fort

Which of these people are shitters?

Party Passes through Kinsay.

Party Passes through Darvan.
Creepy guy tries to sell something to Vanya.
Creepy guy is Jor Balan, the twisted brother of Kan Balan.
Kan Balan owns and runs the mines nearby.

Party Arrives at Ragishon Fort.

Immediately talk to Commander Bor.

Bor does not immediately request the paperwork of an inquisition from the party and takes them at face value when they arrive with the Royal Guard.

Bor asks if they came in response to the letters sent to Vilgreere regarding the troubles of the Fortress.

After being questioned about the fort, Bor informs the group that the military there is highly segregated into various commands: Gold, Red and Blue. Of these groups, Gold and Blue are at odds and constantly fighting among one another. Red seems to stay out of the fights, but has withdrawn into a very insular group. The units still train and performs missions well and have become even more competitive and contentious. Inter-unit conflicts have spiked in recent months and Bor wants help.

The rest of the commanders and officers of Ragishon fort are summoned for private questioning. The party presents itself as a strict, no-nonsense group of serious investigators headed by Asher. Pon, Red Commander, asks to see the inquisitorial paperwork. Bor is chastised by Asher for not asking for the papers sooner.

Much information is gathered by interviewing the various commanders:

Bor – Fortress High Commander. Age 45. Formerly Commander of the Red. Has been High Commander for 2.5 years. Hails from Tarthan, the nearby city. Seems skilled at calming down bad situations as they erupt. Respected by all commanders except for Pon.

Bor’s Letters – Never mentioned by Poroban when the Inquisition was instated.

Hurach – Age 56. Master of Training. Trains each new recruit for 90 days before they join a unit. Has the final say on which unit a trainee will be assigned. Very confident and does not fear the inquisition.

Tarn – Commander of Gold Unit. Age 30. A commoner promoted through the ranks through excellence of service as a Guardsman in Durothis. Has a distaste for those who are given things due to family ties or being borne of noble caste. Convinced that Kanner is a traitor. Excellent horsewarrior. A strong and massive man. Believes Bor is doing the best he can.

Gold Unit – The smallest faction but considered the elite of Ragishon. Horse warriors and heavily armored cavalry comprise this unit. One must have natural fighting talent and the ability to ride well to join. The best equipped.

Pon – Commander of Red Unit. Age 23. A specialist from Tarthan, Believes that Bor is incompetent and is endangering the fort through his inability to stop the fighting between Gold and Blue. Does his best to stay out of the conflicts. Believes Kanner is a traitor is one is to be found.

Red Unit – Ranged soldiers, Scouts and Specialists. Smaller than Blue Unit. Has been receiving more recruits than normal lately from Hurach’s assignments. Reputation of being the most cowardly unit. Esteems stealth, skill and intelligence.

Kanner – Commander of the Blue Unit. Age 30. Comes from a wealthy and influential family in Vilgreere Castle Town. Rumored to have a romantic relationship with Uriah, the quartermaster. Denied this in private interview. Suspects Tarn as traitor due to aggressions and considers Pon a coward and complicit because of inaction. Believes that Bor is doing the best he can with shit commanders. Speaks in a very haughty tone.

Blue Unit – Infantry. Roughly half the fortress is made of Blue troops. They take price in loyalty and brotherhood and never leaving a man behind. The butt of jokes around the fortress about having way too much “brotherhood” and not being good enough to join the Elite (Gold) or the skilled (Red).

Uriah – Quartermaster of Ragishon. Monitors and issues fortress resources to the troops. Very informal. Admitted to carry pipeweed and lesser contraband to Vanya almost immediately and without being asked. Seems very slow witted and hedonistic, though he does do his job.

After initial interviews, the Inquisitors forced all fortress commanders save Hurach and Uriah to stay quarantined until they investigated the area.

Uriah was accompanied by Vanya, who rooted out embezzlement by his assistant, Kaiya. Both were arrested.

Investigations and searches yielded incriminating evidence on Tarn, Kanner, and Pon. Tarn’s quarters yielded secret plans to escape or attack the fortress depending on situation. Pon’s Quarters revealed letters from an unidentified commander in the fort that was offering to join forces and deal with the conflicts once and for all. Kanner’s office held an emergency plan to seize the fortress if need occurred.

When questioned under Zone of Truth, Kaiya admitted to embezzling for the last five years and blamed any discovered issues on the previous quartermaster. She also identified the letters about ‘joining forces’ as Hurach’s handwriting.

Vanya and Illisia went around to the common soldiers and gathered information. They also uncovered a plot by a Red sub-commander to sew dissent and hatred between Blue and Gold. They were informed of this plot of a different Red soldier (who later turned out to be a sub-commander as well). Red is revealed to have ties to the Specialist Guild of Tarthan, a thief guild.

Pon admitted to being courted by Kandor when confronted. Pon revealed letters to Machnen, a Kandorian General who was trying to court him into rebellion against Vilgreere. Pon offered these and came clean about his own plans to protect his men should things go awry. Having been cornered by the Inquisition, Pon offered his full help. Using Pon’s resources, Vanya got in touch with the Specialist’s Guild of Tarthan to find out if Bor was lying about the letters he sent to Vilgreere.

The Specialists Guild, having discovered that the Inquisition uncovered Kaiya’s embezzlements, decided to cut their losses and betray Bor and pull out all functions in Ragishon fort in exchange for immunity to the Inquisitorial Forces. Their Liason, Archaon, offered friendship and trust if this bargain were upheld in Vilgreere at the Inquisitions concluding trials. Through Archaon, Vanya recieved irrefutable evidence of Bor’s forging of documents, corruption of office and treachery toward Vilgreere. Also, there was proof of Bor’s ties to Kandor. Hurach also revealed to be an accomplice to Bor. Tarn and Kanner were exonerated and Pon’s payment to the Specialists Guild and the secret escape tunnel they built were also brought to light.

The Specialist’s Guild were good on their end of the bargain and have removed all affiliated members and ceased operations in Ragishon for a minimum of five years.

Upon returning to the fort, Bor, Hurach, Uriah, Kaiya, and Pon were all arrested. Pon went willingly and gave a powerful speech to rally his very loyal men to work for the new Red Commander (Narn) and to work toward making Ragishon Fort a bastion of strength against their true enemies. Emboldened and touched by this speech, Tarn and Kanner put aside their differences and swore to lead Ragishon to a strong future.

With their prisoners in tow, the group returned to Vilgreere to await the concluding trial of the Ragishon’s Inquisition.



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