The Dark Horizon

Crime and Punishment

Justice is served in Vilgreere

The Chosen return to Vilgreere without incident, protected by the royal knights sent by Poroban. Their cart of arrested officers made little attempts to talk to escape. Pon rode alongside the Inquisition, willingly returning to Vilgreere to meet his fate.

Once the group arrived, they immediately headed to Royal Commander Poroban’s office within the Barracks near the castle. There, they sent all of the prisoners, including Pon, to await their trial.

Debriefing the King’s brother on the events, the party relayed everything accurately, save the fact that the Specialist’s Guild had any complicit assistance to the corruption of Ragishon.

Once the trial began, the Inquisitors watched as Uriah and Kaiya were both condemned to the dungeons of Vilgreere as punishment. Uriah’s attempts to shift the blame again toward others incited Poroban to extend his sentence to 60 years, effective removing his chances of ever being a free man again.

Next, Pon was sent forward. Pon was tried for conspiring with enemy forces, colluding with traitors within the fortress and undermining the security of the fortress through the creation of a tunnel leading out to Tarthan. The inquisitors spoke up in defense of Pon’s character and mentioned that all his actions are in line with the motive of protecting the men under his charge. Poroban exonerated Pon of all charges with the reasoning that the exigencies of war forced his hand. There is no mistake that Ragishon Fort was under siege by enemy forces, but due to the traitorous commanders and strange natures of the attacks, Pon’s action were the only effective action to take and still fight back. Pon was granted his command and allowed to return to Ragishon after a short recooperation within Viglreere.

Training Master Hurach was stoic and unapologetic during his trial. He gruffly admitted to all crimes and pridefully walked himself to his punishment after his conviction by Poroban.

Finally, High Commander Bor was tried for High Treason, Conspiring with Enemy Nations, Corruption of New Recruit, Embezzlement of Military Funds, Lying Under Oath to a Superior Officer, Falsifying Reports and Planting Fake Evidence. The weight of the charges and the inescapability of the situation broke Bor down. Bor swore that Kandor will crush Vilgreere and that there is no way to win without joining them willingly. He was dragged out to be executed at dusk.

At the trial’s conclusion, the Inquisitors: Vanya Sulie, Asher Armstrong, Illisia Galesong, Dywin Tenk and Liss Tuttle, were granted the honor of Knight Vagrant. The Knights Vagrant are trusted servant of the royal family who serve no master but the royal house of Rylan and have full permissions to aid the kingdom in any manner they see fit.

After the trial, Asher arranged for an audience with the King, but first, they went out drinking with Pon (the Red) and Skelod (the Rad). While out drinking, Williyae the Elven Merchant chanced to see Vanya and struck up a conversation about Bereliand. In order to escape the unwanted guest, Vanya and Skelod offered to entertain the bar with a set of music. Their performance was legendary and earned them a large amount of money, free rooms for the evening for their guests. Also, to Vanya’s consternation, an eternal fan in Williyae, who promised to spread word of Vanya all the way back to Bereliand.

Skelod took his money and the goblin snuck out to secretly purchase a flamboyant green rocker outfit.

While Pon and Skelod were busy, the Chosen decided to drop in on the Princess’s secret lair beneath the castle. They found Kayasha armed and protective of the exit and the Crystal Maidens of the Temple of Glass strewn about reading, writing, practicing with weapons and above all, serving the Princess.

Veranna herself arrived shortly after and was regaled with tales of the Inquisition. Vanya let slip the method of becoming a chosen and confirmed that it was still possible. At this, the Princess commanded the Crystal Maidens to pack up and commanded the Chosen to meet her outside of town after their audience with her father. She would accompany them to the next shrine.

Asher’s palpable misery at this no longer avoidable situation grew until it climaxed at the end of his audience with Amili Rylan, High King of Vilgreere. The King at first was somewhat sarcastic at being requested so soon after the Knighting of the upstarts, but quickly grew serious after learning that they were in fact the Chosen and the cycle is confirmed to have begun. After testing each of the Chosen in different ways, he decided to trust them and share his lore with them. He told them of the Known Shrine s and warned them of what dangers lie ahead.

When discussing the Orellan empire, it was mentioned that the party encountered an Orellan Devil. The King was appalled at this and learned that the Devil has escaped his enslavement to the Orellans and is free to roam the earth. Questioned further about this, Illisia presented the black Chitin offered to her by the Devil. At this, the room grew dark, which was dispelled by King Amili, then dark mist heralded the arrival of the Devil of Manya. Quickly suppressing all magic, the massive naked outsider greeted the King as “scion of Orellan.” He then strode forth and seized the demonshard from Illisia, lamenting that his plans for her would have to be aborted, but that he would see them again. As a parting shot, he stole some pastries before vanishing as startlingly fast as he arrived.

After the shock of this situation wore off, King Amili stated that this devil seized the shard before Amili could use it and that the shard gave the Devil omnipresent view anywhere it travels. King Amili would have been able to use the shard to imprison or command the outsider had he been able to protect it.

Promising not to call them to serve in the coming war, the King warned the Chosen to be wise and not get themselves killed or their powers stolen by the Dark Chosen.

In parting, the King promised that should any harm come to his daughter, that he would become the new Chosen of Light, a startling threat and open acknowledgement that he knew well where and what Princess Veranna is up to.

Shaken by this meeting, the Chosen head south to meet with Veranna and continue their quest.



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