The Dark Horizon

Chapter 1: A Strange Gathering

The Tale of the Chosen starts in the hearts of the people on the day they gain their powers. Warriors, Healers, Hunters, or Prey; it did not matter who or what they were to those who sing of the great ones who stand between creation and the end of all things. Though songs may be written, adventures remembered, or failure recorded, the tale starts much sooner than that. These champions are but people… and everyone has mundane beginnings…

Amestris: Free City of the North – The Rose Unwithering

His skills are sharp. His renown is growing. The people here love him. His talents are in great demand. Taliesin has to get the hell out of here.

The elven bard who has changed names so many times knows that his stay in Amestris is coming to a conclusion. Already he has stayed too long. Making a deal to entertain the patrons of The Rose Unwithering for so long is a mistake in hindsight. Again he has become a local celebrity in this human town. And what is worse is that anyone knows where to find him. Hopefully, his delay in leaving will not allow his renown to spread somewhere where he might have to face his past. The Festival of Creation will be the perfect excuse to make his exodus without raising an eyebrow or causing gossip. Amestris has served its purpose as a somewhat boring but lucrative business venture. But first, it is time to find a new venue so that Taliesin… currently known as Vanya Sulie, feels confident that he can play in public without spreading his renown too far.

Amestris: Free City of the North – City Streets

“Asher! Have ye gotten yer things packed! We’ve got to get moving now if we’re to make it all th’ way to Holbrook on time! I found a gentleman who can get us there with time to spare!”

Asher Armstrong has indeed packed all of his things and would not be standing outside in a busy street otherwise. Taking his leave of the Armstrong house that has raised him, Asher prepares to make a long journey to the Water Shrine of creation. This is the frist and possibly only True Festival of Creation that he will be able to see in his life. The road will be long and though danger is unlikely since they are crossing the Kingdom of Vilgreere, he will be traveling in the company of his friends, fellows clerics of Sharae.

“Yes, Lissia. I’m ready to go. Who is this mystery transporter of yours? And where is Tanner?”

“Tanner’s been here th’ whole time.” Lissia points a slender pale arm towards a swaying mass of luggage. “He’s got our things. Now come along boys. We’ve got to head to The Guzzling Wench and find our ride!” The mass of luggage sighs and begins to follow the other priests of the sun goddess toward the bar where they can meet their ride.

Holbrook: Shrine City of Water, Southern Vilgreere

Illisia has been wandering again. It’s the only way she gets to spend time with Arnou unaccosted by her pious father. Today she tried helping the old hunter again, but he was off fishing with some big fat man who is in town for the upcoming festival.

“Arnou, are you excited for the festival too? It’s going to be the biggest one yet!”

The large dog with black feet and a horn says nothing, but glances back and happily prances about. Arnou abruptly stops dancing and perks his ears up.

“What is it Arnou?” asks Illisia. Then she hears it too. Her father is calling for her to return home.

Illisia goes home and is told she must go to Hortical instead to learn to be a priestess of Mia

Amestris: Free City of the North – The Guzzling Wench

Asher, Tanner and Lissia meet Krax and Vanya (Taliesin). A traveling agreement is made and Vanya performs at teh Guzzling Wench.

Southern Vilgreere: A Day’s Travel South of Holbrook

Illisia travels with her parents. Arnou follows and is driven away by her father at night. Illisia follows Arnou when it cries out. Dywin is drawn by the sounds of goblins. Illisia and Dywin drive off the goblins. Illisia has a falling out with her father. Illisia and dywin head back to holbrook

Northern Vilgreere: The Road to Holbrook

_Asher, Vanya and company travel to Holbrook. Encounter a large goblin force and drive it off with illusion magic.

Holbrook: Shrine City of Water, Southern Vilgreere

Asher and Vanya for a place to stay in the busy city. Liss drags Asher into conflict with local thugs in the slums. Krax finds a place for all of them to stay_

Illisia and Dywin return to Holbrook and find stange people sleeping in her home. The terrifying orc seems incredibly abashed at the intrusion. Illisia allows them to stay at her home.

Game Rewards of Chapter 1

  • Experience Total: 1000 (250 Each)
    • Combat XP: 800
      • Illisia and Dywin Goblin Encounter (Forest): 250
      • Asher and Vanya Goblin Encounter (Road): 350
      • Thugs in Holbrook: 200
    • Obstacle Experience: 100
      • Successfully driving away the goblins on the road without bloodshed: 100
    • Story Experience: 100
      • Asher backing up Liss Tuttle in the slums of Holbrook: 50
      • Illisia rebelling against her father and a easier life to have freedom and Arnou at her side: 50

Total Party Xp Thus Far: 250
Level 2 at 2000

Chapter 2: The Festival of Creation

The festival starts and the group decides to go to the shrine together. Illisia uses her father’s priviledges to get the party into the shrine ahead of the line. Krax disappears again. Commotion is heard outside. Goblins enter the shrine as the group go forth. The shrine purges the goblins.

Dywin, Asher, Illisia and Vanya are marked as chosen and transported to the chamber of the chosen where they meet the pale watcher. Each of them fulfills a trial to earn the power of the elements. Each finds a ring. They lose the ability to understand the watcher and the watcher inscribes a tome for them

The party returns to Holbrook via planar magic several hours later than they left. The city was seemingly attacked by goblins and the demihumans retreated after the shrine was activated. The healers of the party help the wounded. The rest of the party rests.

Game Rewards of Chapter 2

  • Experience Total: 2700 (675 Each)
    • Combat XP: 1600
      • Trial of Lightning: 400
      • Trial of Sound: 400
      • Trial of Crystal: 400
      • Trial of Light: 400
    • Obstacle Experience: 700
      • Acquire the Ring – Lightning: 50
      • Acquire the Ring – Sound: 50
      • Acquire the Ring – Crystal: 50
      • Acquire the Ring – Light: 50
      • Communicate with the Pale Watcher: 100
      • Sent non-chosen safely out of shrine: 200
      • Traversed Trial Puzzles: 200
    • Story Experience: 400
      • Entered the Chamber and Chose Elements: 400
  • Elemental Powers
    • Illisia – Chosen of Lightning
    • Vanya – Chosen of Sound
    • Asher – Chosen of Light
    • Dywin – Chosen of Crystal
  • Items

Total Party Xp Thus Far: 925
Level 2 at 2000

Chapter 3: Element... Squad?

After helping the locals heal and recover from the goblin attack, the group retires to rest one final night in Illisia’s home. In the morning, the party discusses what to do.

The group informs Krax, Liss, and Tanner of what happened in the chamber. Tanner seems to have read a lot of the old stories about the Elemental Chosen back in Amestris but he doesn’t know enough specifics to really help. Liss is just mad that she didn’t get any cool blasty powers when there is a world to save.

When asked where he disappeared to during the events of the Chosen, Krax said he was ‘taking care of some business’ and that Turjo ‘musta been killed by some goblins cause I found him in an alley dead.’

After making everyone a delicious breakfast, Krax suggests that the group go visit Goremound, city of the orcs, and visit the fire shrine if they want to try to get some power for Liss. He then takes his final leave of the group. After Krax left, Illisia finds 20gp left for her in the pan that Krax used to cook.

The group visits the water shrine one more time in order to see if they can still access the chamber of the chosen, but finds the shrine dormant.

Without much to go on other than some incomplete stories from Tanner, they decide the best route is to stick together as chosen and go to Vilgreere Castle Town and research the history of the Elemental Chosen. In order to avoid paying another travel fee, Asher and Vanya persuade a traveling nobleman to hire them as protection for the goblin-infested roads to the capital city.

Trek to Manya

The group rides along with the nobleman’s caravan for uneventful travel for a couple days.

Just before clearing the edge of the forest toward Vilgreere Castle Town, a goblin ambush is set at the very last point in the road where there is any cover.

During the battle, the fop hides in various positions and two of the normal guardsmen are slain by the bandits. The group manages to hold and drive away the survivors and collect their pay.

The loot from the attackers is negligible save for small sized masterwork crossbow

The next day, the caravan crosses paths with a Legion of Vilgreere knights and soldiers. Taking this to mean the roads are safe, the nobleman abandons the party to finish the journey on their own on foot.

They reach Manya just after nightfall.

Manya's Trading Barn and the Ruins of the Orellans

Upon reaching Manya, Asher decides to spend some of the hard earned gold on a proper inn with all the comforts deserved to the party. Exploring the trading hub, they party meets several strange shopkeepers and hears rumors of military movements to counter the goblin incursion.

After resting for the evening and uneventfully crossing paths with their previous employer, the group also hears a tale of woe if the innkeeper about a lone traveling noblewoman who ditched the bill she was to pay that morning.

The party decides to make a little extra gold for the journey in a way that doesn’t involve hard travel or sleeping in the dirt away from a town. Trader Joe asks them to investigate thefts of his merchandise within the Barn after nightfall and arranges to get them past the keepers. That night, they discover that Hot Tamale sleeps with his goods for “safety” and that the small man is actually a small goblin in disguise.

They let the goblin escape as they have no proof of ill deeds on his part and investigate the tip he gives them about goblins moving through the ruins beneath the Barn. Explosions and rumbling were heard coming from below and drove the party to action.

Learning more about the ruins of the Orellan Empire and having guardsmen watch the entrance, the party goes in to investigate.

Within the ruins they fight a fierce battle against a large group of goblins who held a well-dressed and well-equipped alchemist captive. Using visual tricks and brute force, the heroes were able to turn the tide of battle in their favor. As things were going sour, the goblins attempted to slay their captive rather than allow her freedom but were interrupted by Dywin and Arnou.

The captive proved immediately capable. With a rough and foreign accent, she introduced herself as Nox and though she wanted to leave danger, she had to recover her alchemical notes from the goblins as they are family and trade secrets she is not able to part with. Showing stealth and assassination skills, Nox accompanied the party as they ambushed and killed the goblin baron and took his treasure for their own, though her notes were not to be found.

Deeper into the labyrinth, they discovered yet another room of goblins, this time led by a mad bomber. In almost a mirror of the first hard fight, the party was able to funnel the goblins into a disadvantageous position and turned their own explosives against them. Here, Nox was able to find her bags and quickly shooed the party away from them and secured them tight.

Dywin kept watch over Nox with a slightly distrustful eye as there was quite a bit of unclaimed treasure about, and the party cleared one of the collapsed tunnels to find a very dead goblin charred to death near another collapsed tunnel. Clearing away the debris and moving the corpse, Vanya noticed an enchantment sweep over him and try to enter his mind.

Warning the others of a potential trap, they clear the path to find a shattered object and a massive grey humanoid with wings standing watch in the chamber. Suspecting a demon, Nox cleared out with Vanya and Dywin taking that opportunity to go as well. Illisia stayed to talk to the creature while Liss and Asher stoicly and silently stood guard for her.

The monstrous behemoth explained that he was an agent of the ancient Orellan Empire and grew irritated when he learned of their lack of influence. Offering a reward for granting him his freedom, he eventually figured out that the party is a group of elemental chosen and that the cycle has begun anew. Unable to come up with a question that satisfied the demon-figure, Illisia accepted a massive chunk of gold from him as well as a piece of his chitinous flesh as a means to summon him should they have great need.

Jovially and with Dark laughter, the monster disappeared into black smoke and billowing winds and vanished from the chamber.

Somewhat shaken, the group gathers their treasure and exits the ruins of the Orellans and returns to the Barn on the surface.

Catching up to the now

Party Leaves Manya

Approached by Nox on the road

Agrees to help her clean a tomb for a share of treasure

Enter tomb near the lake

Has trouble fighting at doors.

Symmetrical dungeon cleared of undead.

Treasure found

Final room has green dragon wyrmling and cursed sword pillar.

Wyrmling cannot be reasoned with.

Tanner dies.

Dragon tries to escape: stopped by Illisia.

Asher Coup-de-Grace Dragon.


Party leaves sword alone fearing the curse.

The Chosen along with Nox arrive at Vilgreere Castle Town

Meet the Sunpriest

Tanner’s Funeral.

Return to the Crypt.

Smash corpses and retrieve sword. Sword given to Liss.

Return to Vilgreere with Nox.

Get cut of spoils

Attempt to get information about the Chosen: cannot get access to royal library

Encounter Alex who aids them by sharing his research within the public records of the city and pays to have Tanner’s Family Notified of his fate.

Offered a job to foil thieves near library by Nox

Thieves turn out to be Lectors of Valla Kaan.

Illisia encounters Nox within strange hideout the thieves were attacking.

Illisia Klepto’s some books.

Nox takes captured Lectors with party’s blessing to her anonymous employer.

Back at base, books turn out to be from Royal Library.

Bricks are shat and books are taken back to the hideout to be returned.

Princess corners party with wand and demands books. Party submits. Books are not only thing missing.

Princess finds out party are the chosen and fangirls out.

Princess and party go looking for whoever might have missing books.

Princess returned safely after failing to find things.

Nox found in upper-class inn. Says she couldn’t find the books again even if she tried.

Note left for princess saying the books are lost and that the chosen are going to the Lake of Glass to learn more about themselves and perhaps to find a shrine.

The Chosen head to Barada to find transport to Glasser Cove.

Party finds willing Captain as Liss wins a year’s salary gambling with Pirates

Party transported to Glasser Cove and dropped off by sea captain. No port fees paid. Nothing comes of this.

Party is told to head to the Temple of Glass to see the Chamber of Awe and to be wary of dangers on the road.

Chosen encountered by large group of Crystal Elementals.

A strange dance of not wanting to fight occurs until the Elementals pick the Chosen up and carry them off miles away to a secluded cavern filled with Elementals.

The Chosen learn of the Usurper of Glass from Karkak Miszash. They learn of Miszash the First and the plight of the elementals.

The Group heads to the Temple of Glass.

They are thoroughly creeped out by the monks.

Their mind is fucked around with within the Chamber of Awe.

They leave knowing they cannot return until they wish to become members of the order and have their lives arranged for this.

They return to the cavern of Karkak.

They resolve to end the chain of slavery and brainwashing and to return to the Temple of Glass.

A plan is drawn up to use the strange situation to their advantage via stealth and trickery followed by force.

Assault on the Glasser Monks

The Chosen decide to follow through with their plan to attack the Glasser Monks of The Temple of Glass.

Waiting a day to appear to let the mind-control magic of the Monks ‘work’ on the party, they return to the Temple of Glass with a disguised Taliesin leading the party in the visage of a Glasser Monk initiate. His appearance is pristine, enhanced by the Hat of Disguise purchased in Vilgreere.

Taliesin’s ruse works well on the lesser mind-baked initiates in the upper levels of the Temple and he manages to bloodlessly escort the party all the way down past the Chambers of Awe before trouble arrives.

And arrive it does. Standing before the Crystal Barrier the protects the Crystal Shrine, a Glass Mage and several warrior monks are not fooled. The likelyhood of an initiate taking the uninitiated this deep prompts a test of scripture.

“As the crystal grows and extends beyond, from whence does the light come?”

Learning that the answer is not “Uh…. shit.” the mage and monks engage in combat and are quickly overwhlemed by the martial prowess of the Chosen and their beasts. A runner is shot down before he can alert the cavalry and the path they came from is smartly sealed by Dywin’s Crystal Power with a massive wall.

Hurrying to the room with the Orb that controls the Elementals within the Chosen are forced to dispatch two small yellow elementals and then try to sneak close enough to the orb to disable it.

Time turns against them as the monks sealed off from chasing them find another path and gather half of the order in their wake.

Dywin enhances his movement speed thinking that his affinity to the element of Crystal will give him an edge in controlling the Crystal Orb that enslaves the Elementals. Taliesin summons an Illusion that draws the mighty Miszash away from the Crystal orb.

Realizing the danger and the illusion, a small cadre of monk guardians call Miszash, Crystal Lord of the Shrine, back to protect them and the controlling orb. Sacrificing himself to buy time, Arnou engages Miszash until he is smote to the earth in ruin.

The mob of monks arrive on the scene, but their addled brains are unable to discern illusions. Taliesin uses this to his advantage and has his illusory Demon engage them until they can be better managed.

Dywin has his pet engage the human guardians and uses his speed to outmanuever the defenders and disable the orb’s control.

The Elementals are freed from the control of the monks and the Temple of Glass Turns upon itself. No match for the elementals, the remaining monks are slaughtered in droves. Mizsash himself channels his power to impale all of the mindless slaves upon crystal spikes.

Grateful for his freedom, Miszash clears a path to the Crystal shrine and smashes the barrier that blocks the path within.

Beyond they find the nexus that connects the Plane of Glass to the Prime Material Plane and pass through to find the Grand Maester of Glass and bring the Usurper to justice.

Within the Plane of Glass, they find a paradise where a grand manor filled with riches and beautiful women await. Crystal slaves work the fields and produce food to sate the Grand Maester, while his slave women sate his base passions.

Wrecking the opulent home, Miszash opens a path to the jacuzzi’s and swimming pools on the other side of the home. There, The Grand Maester of Glass, a fat, pathetic man attempts to hide behind his women unbelieving that the wrath of Miszash and the Chosen are upon him. Commanding, Pleading and offering rewards to the chosen if they only call of the elementals has no effect and the slave lord of glass is executed by Asher Armstrong with the Light of the Chosen.

The women within are found out to be slaves bought or kidnapped at a young age. They have no skills beyond pleasure and have no where to go. They say that there were others, but those found to be unattractive were …. removed. Ten women in total. 6 Humans. 1 Half-Elf, 1 Half-Orc, 1 Gnome, 1 Kitsune.

Leaving this issue to wait for a few minutes, the Chosen decide to enter the Shrine of Crystal back on the Prime Material Plane as the Crystal Elementals go forth to purge the monks from the Temple of Glass.

Within the Shrine, Liss is finally able to enter with the other Chosen and within the Group finds more unclaimed elements: Ice, Life, Mist, Fire, Ooze, Water. This means that Earth, Magma and Air have been claimed since they last came to this chamber.

Chosing the fire orb, the party is transported to the Plane of Fire. There was no orb to grant power to Liss so that she may take her trial. Instead, Asher asks Sharae to grant him the ability to understand the strange language spilling forth from a smoke cloud descending upon them.

The smoke cloud speaks in infernal and fortells their doom, complaining that he thought his trials were already over. Coalescing into some kind of devil of Fire and Smoke, he hurls a life-ending ball of flame at Liss and misses. Wreathing a flame shield around himself, he prepares to slay the newcomers so that he can leave this place and return to the mortal plane. his fire shield is quenched by repeated water attacks from Dywin and much to his dismay, he runs out of power to throw at the Chosen who have engaged him.

Though Liss was struck down by the black Falchion of the Devil-man, she is assisted and healed by her friends and is able to slay the Dark Fire Chosen and absorb his power. Smiling, she takes his ring and the Chosen return to the Chamber of the Chosen where they find The Pale Watcher has returned.

The Pale Watcher grants them the power of the Crystal Shrine, which increases their MP pools, grants them a new Elemental Power based on their element and unlock the ability to learn Metamagic Feats for Chosen abilities.

No One Expects the Inquisition!

-Return to Vilgreere
-Take the Crystal Maidens to Princess Veranna
-Veranna orders them to immerse themselves in art and fantasy for inspiration
-Party meets with Poroban Rylan
-Accepts mission to root out the corruption of Commander Bol
-Party Chooses Inquisitorial Method. Accompanied by 10 Royal Knights.
-Encounters large Hobgoblin Warband.
-Vanya loses a rock off.
-Takes no useful prisoners regarding tactics.
-Captures goblin bard who only wants to rock.
-Travels to Manya. Meets new merchant: Godwin.

The Inquisition of Ragishon Fort
Which of these people are shitters?

Party Passes through Kinsay.

Party Passes through Darvan.
Creepy guy tries to sell something to Vanya.
Creepy guy is Jor Balan, the twisted brother of Kan Balan.
Kan Balan owns and runs the mines nearby.

Party Arrives at Ragishon Fort.

Immediately talk to Commander Bor.

Bor does not immediately request the paperwork of an inquisition from the party and takes them at face value when they arrive with the Royal Guard.

Bor asks if they came in response to the letters sent to Vilgreere regarding the troubles of the Fortress.

After being questioned about the fort, Bor informs the group that the military there is highly segregated into various commands: Gold, Red and Blue. Of these groups, Gold and Blue are at odds and constantly fighting among one another. Red seems to stay out of the fights, but has withdrawn into a very insular group. The units still train and performs missions well and have become even more competitive and contentious. Inter-unit conflicts have spiked in recent months and Bor wants help.

The rest of the commanders and officers of Ragishon fort are summoned for private questioning. The party presents itself as a strict, no-nonsense group of serious investigators headed by Asher. Pon, Red Commander, asks to see the inquisitorial paperwork. Bor is chastised by Asher for not asking for the papers sooner.

Much information is gathered by interviewing the various commanders:

Bor – Fortress High Commander. Age 45. Formerly Commander of the Red. Has been High Commander for 2.5 years. Hails from Tarthan, the nearby city. Seems skilled at calming down bad situations as they erupt. Respected by all commanders except for Pon.

Bor’s Letters – Never mentioned by Poroban when the Inquisition was instated.

Hurach – Age 56. Master of Training. Trains each new recruit for 90 days before they join a unit. Has the final say on which unit a trainee will be assigned. Very confident and does not fear the inquisition.

Tarn – Commander of Gold Unit. Age 30. A commoner promoted through the ranks through excellence of service as a Guardsman in Durothis. Has a distaste for those who are given things due to family ties or being borne of noble caste. Convinced that Kanner is a traitor. Excellent horsewarrior. A strong and massive man. Believes Bor is doing the best he can.

Gold Unit – The smallest faction but considered the elite of Ragishon. Horse warriors and heavily armored cavalry comprise this unit. One must have natural fighting talent and the ability to ride well to join. The best equipped.

Pon – Commander of Red Unit. Age 23. A specialist from Tarthan, Believes that Bor is incompetent and is endangering the fort through his inability to stop the fighting between Gold and Blue. Does his best to stay out of the conflicts. Believes Kanner is a traitor is one is to be found.

Red Unit – Ranged soldiers, Scouts and Specialists. Smaller than Blue Unit. Has been receiving more recruits than normal lately from Hurach’s assignments. Reputation of being the most cowardly unit. Esteems stealth, skill and intelligence.

Kanner – Commander of the Blue Unit. Age 30. Comes from a wealthy and influential family in Vilgreere Castle Town. Rumored to have a romantic relationship with Uriah, the quartermaster. Denied this in private interview. Suspects Tarn as traitor due to aggressions and considers Pon a coward and complicit because of inaction. Believes that Bor is doing the best he can with shit commanders. Speaks in a very haughty tone.

Blue Unit – Infantry. Roughly half the fortress is made of Blue troops. They take price in loyalty and brotherhood and never leaving a man behind. The butt of jokes around the fortress about having way too much “brotherhood” and not being good enough to join the Elite (Gold) or the skilled (Red).

Uriah – Quartermaster of Ragishon. Monitors and issues fortress resources to the troops. Very informal. Admitted to carry pipeweed and lesser contraband to Vanya almost immediately and without being asked. Seems very slow witted and hedonistic, though he does do his job.

After initial interviews, the Inquisitors forced all fortress commanders save Hurach and Uriah to stay quarantined until they investigated the area.

Uriah was accompanied by Vanya, who rooted out embezzlement by his assistant, Kaiya. Both were arrested.

Investigations and searches yielded incriminating evidence on Tarn, Kanner, and Pon. Tarn’s quarters yielded secret plans to escape or attack the fortress depending on situation. Pon’s Quarters revealed letters from an unidentified commander in the fort that was offering to join forces and deal with the conflicts once and for all. Kanner’s office held an emergency plan to seize the fortress if need occurred.

When questioned under Zone of Truth, Kaiya admitted to embezzling for the last five years and blamed any discovered issues on the previous quartermaster. She also identified the letters about ‘joining forces’ as Hurach’s handwriting.

Vanya and Illisia went around to the common soldiers and gathered information. They also uncovered a plot by a Red sub-commander to sew dissent and hatred between Blue and Gold. They were informed of this plot of a different Red soldier (who later turned out to be a sub-commander as well). Red is revealed to have ties to the Specialist Guild of Tarthan, a thief guild.

Pon admitted to being courted by Kandor when confronted. Pon revealed letters to Machnen, a Kandorian General who was trying to court him into rebellion against Vilgreere. Pon offered these and came clean about his own plans to protect his men should things go awry. Having been cornered by the Inquisition, Pon offered his full help. Using Pon’s resources, Vanya got in touch with the Specialist’s Guild of Tarthan to find out if Bor was lying about the letters he sent to Vilgreere.

The Specialists Guild, having discovered that the Inquisition uncovered Kaiya’s embezzlements, decided to cut their losses and betray Bor and pull out all functions in Ragishon fort in exchange for immunity to the Inquisitorial Forces. Their Liason, Archaon, offered friendship and trust if this bargain were upheld in Vilgreere at the Inquisitions concluding trials. Through Archaon, Vanya recieved irrefutable evidence of Bor’s forging of documents, corruption of office and treachery toward Vilgreere. Also, there was proof of Bor’s ties to Kandor. Hurach also revealed to be an accomplice to Bor. Tarn and Kanner were exonerated and Pon’s payment to the Specialists Guild and the secret escape tunnel they built were also brought to light.

The Specialist’s Guild were good on their end of the bargain and have removed all affiliated members and ceased operations in Ragishon for a minimum of five years.

Upon returning to the fort, Bor, Hurach, Uriah, Kaiya, and Pon were all arrested. Pon went willingly and gave a powerful speech to rally his very loyal men to work for the new Red Commander (Narn) and to work toward making Ragishon Fort a bastion of strength against their true enemies. Emboldened and touched by this speech, Tarn and Kanner put aside their differences and swore to lead Ragishon to a strong future.

With their prisoners in tow, the group returned to Vilgreere to await the concluding trial of the Ragishon’s Inquisition.

Crime and Punishment
Justice is served in Vilgreere

The Chosen return to Vilgreere without incident, protected by the royal knights sent by Poroban. Their cart of arrested officers made little attempts to talk to escape. Pon rode alongside the Inquisition, willingly returning to Vilgreere to meet his fate.

Once the group arrived, they immediately headed to Royal Commander Poroban’s office within the Barracks near the castle. There, they sent all of the prisoners, including Pon, to await their trial.

Debriefing the King’s brother on the events, the party relayed everything accurately, save the fact that the Specialist’s Guild had any complicit assistance to the corruption of Ragishon.

Once the trial began, the Inquisitors watched as Uriah and Kaiya were both condemned to the dungeons of Vilgreere as punishment. Uriah’s attempts to shift the blame again toward others incited Poroban to extend his sentence to 60 years, effective removing his chances of ever being a free man again.

Next, Pon was sent forward. Pon was tried for conspiring with enemy forces, colluding with traitors within the fortress and undermining the security of the fortress through the creation of a tunnel leading out to Tarthan. The inquisitors spoke up in defense of Pon’s character and mentioned that all his actions are in line with the motive of protecting the men under his charge. Poroban exonerated Pon of all charges with the reasoning that the exigencies of war forced his hand. There is no mistake that Ragishon Fort was under siege by enemy forces, but due to the traitorous commanders and strange natures of the attacks, Pon’s action were the only effective action to take and still fight back. Pon was granted his command and allowed to return to Ragishon after a short recooperation within Viglreere.

Training Master Hurach was stoic and unapologetic during his trial. He gruffly admitted to all crimes and pridefully walked himself to his punishment after his conviction by Poroban.

Finally, High Commander Bor was tried for High Treason, Conspiring with Enemy Nations, Corruption of New Recruit, Embezzlement of Military Funds, Lying Under Oath to a Superior Officer, Falsifying Reports and Planting Fake Evidence. The weight of the charges and the inescapability of the situation broke Bor down. Bor swore that Kandor will crush Vilgreere and that there is no way to win without joining them willingly. He was dragged out to be executed at dusk.

At the trial’s conclusion, the Inquisitors: Vanya Sulie, Asher Armstrong, Illisia Galesong, Dywin Tenk and Liss Tuttle, were granted the honor of Knight Vagrant. The Knights Vagrant are trusted servant of the royal family who serve no master but the royal house of Rylan and have full permissions to aid the kingdom in any manner they see fit.

After the trial, Asher arranged for an audience with the King, but first, they went out drinking with Pon (the Red) and Skelod (the Rad). While out drinking, Williyae the Elven Merchant chanced to see Vanya and struck up a conversation about Bereliand. In order to escape the unwanted guest, Vanya and Skelod offered to entertain the bar with a set of music. Their performance was legendary and earned them a large amount of money, free rooms for the evening for their guests. Also, to Vanya’s consternation, an eternal fan in Williyae, who promised to spread word of Vanya all the way back to Bereliand.

Skelod took his money and the goblin snuck out to secretly purchase a flamboyant green rocker outfit.

While Pon and Skelod were busy, the Chosen decided to drop in on the Princess’s secret lair beneath the castle. They found Kayasha armed and protective of the exit and the Crystal Maidens of the Temple of Glass strewn about reading, writing, practicing with weapons and above all, serving the Princess.

Veranna herself arrived shortly after and was regaled with tales of the Inquisition. Vanya let slip the method of becoming a chosen and confirmed that it was still possible. At this, the Princess commanded the Crystal Maidens to pack up and commanded the Chosen to meet her outside of town after their audience with her father. She would accompany them to the next shrine.

Asher’s palpable misery at this no longer avoidable situation grew until it climaxed at the end of his audience with Amili Rylan, High King of Vilgreere. The King at first was somewhat sarcastic at being requested so soon after the Knighting of the upstarts, but quickly grew serious after learning that they were in fact the Chosen and the cycle is confirmed to have begun. After testing each of the Chosen in different ways, he decided to trust them and share his lore with them. He told them of the Known Shrine s and warned them of what dangers lie ahead.

When discussing the Orellan empire, it was mentioned that the party encountered an Orellan Devil. The King was appalled at this and learned that the Devil has escaped his enslavement to the Orellans and is free to roam the earth. Questioned further about this, Illisia presented the black Chitin offered to her by the Devil. At this, the room grew dark, which was dispelled by King Amili, then dark mist heralded the arrival of the Devil of Manya. Quickly suppressing all magic, the massive naked outsider greeted the King as “scion of Orellan.” He then strode forth and seized the demonshard from Illisia, lamenting that his plans for her would have to be aborted, but that he would see them again. As a parting shot, he stole some pastries before vanishing as startlingly fast as he arrived.

After the shock of this situation wore off, King Amili stated that this devil seized the shard before Amili could use it and that the shard gave the Devil omnipresent view anywhere it travels. King Amili would have been able to use the shard to imprison or command the outsider had he been able to protect it.

Promising not to call them to serve in the coming war, the King warned the Chosen to be wise and not get themselves killed or their powers stolen by the Dark Chosen.

In parting, the King promised that should any harm come to his daughter, that he would become the new Chosen of Light, a startling threat and open acknowledgement that he knew well where and what Princess Veranna is up to.

Shaken by this meeting, the Chosen head south to meet with Veranna and continue their quest.


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