The Dark Horizon

Chapter 2: The Festival of Creation

The festival starts and the group decides to go to the shrine together. Illisia uses her father’s priviledges to get the party into the shrine ahead of the line. Krax disappears again. Commotion is heard outside. Goblins enter the shrine as the group go forth. The shrine purges the goblins.

Dywin, Asher, Illisia and Vanya are marked as chosen and transported to the chamber of the chosen where they meet the pale watcher. Each of them fulfills a trial to earn the power of the elements. Each finds a ring. They lose the ability to understand the watcher and the watcher inscribes a tome for them

The party returns to Holbrook via planar magic several hours later than they left. The city was seemingly attacked by goblins and the demihumans retreated after the shrine was activated. The healers of the party help the wounded. The rest of the party rests.

Game Rewards of Chapter 2

  • Experience Total: 2700 (675 Each)
    • Combat XP: 1600
      • Trial of Lightning: 400
      • Trial of Sound: 400
      • Trial of Crystal: 400
      • Trial of Light: 400
    • Obstacle Experience: 700
      • Acquire the Ring – Lightning: 50
      • Acquire the Ring – Sound: 50
      • Acquire the Ring – Crystal: 50
      • Acquire the Ring – Light: 50
      • Communicate with the Pale Watcher: 100
      • Sent non-chosen safely out of shrine: 200
      • Traversed Trial Puzzles: 200
    • Story Experience: 400
      • Entered the Chamber and Chose Elements: 400
  • Elemental Powers
    • Illisia – Chosen of Lightning
    • Vanya – Chosen of Sound
    • Asher – Chosen of Light
    • Dywin – Chosen of Crystal
  • Items

Total Party Xp Thus Far: 925
Level 2 at 2000

Chapter 1: A Strange Gathering

The Tale of the Chosen starts in the hearts of the people on the day they gain their powers. Warriors, Healers, Hunters, or Prey; it did not matter who or what they were to those who sing of the great ones who stand between creation and the end of all things. Though songs may be written, adventures remembered, or failure recorded, the tale starts much sooner than that. These champions are but people… and everyone has mundane beginnings…

Amestris: Free City of the North – The Rose Unwithering

His skills are sharp. His renown is growing. The people here love him. His talents are in great demand. Taliesin has to get the hell out of here.

The elven bard who has changed names so many times knows that his stay in Amestris is coming to a conclusion. Already he has stayed too long. Making a deal to entertain the patrons of The Rose Unwithering for so long is a mistake in hindsight. Again he has become a local celebrity in this human town. And what is worse is that anyone knows where to find him. Hopefully, his delay in leaving will not allow his renown to spread somewhere where he might have to face his past. The Festival of Creation will be the perfect excuse to make his exodus without raising an eyebrow or causing gossip. Amestris has served its purpose as a somewhat boring but lucrative business venture. But first, it is time to find a new venue so that Taliesin… currently known as Vanya Sulie, feels confident that he can play in public without spreading his renown too far.

Amestris: Free City of the North – City Streets

“Asher! Have ye gotten yer things packed! We’ve got to get moving now if we’re to make it all th’ way to Holbrook on time! I found a gentleman who can get us there with time to spare!”

Asher Armstrong has indeed packed all of his things and would not be standing outside in a busy street otherwise. Taking his leave of the Armstrong house that has raised him, Asher prepares to make a long journey to the Water Shrine of creation. This is the frist and possibly only True Festival of Creation that he will be able to see in his life. The road will be long and though danger is unlikely since they are crossing the Kingdom of Vilgreere, he will be traveling in the company of his friends, fellows clerics of Sharae.

“Yes, Lissia. I’m ready to go. Who is this mystery transporter of yours? And where is Tanner?”

“Tanner’s been here th’ whole time.” Lissia points a slender pale arm towards a swaying mass of luggage. “He’s got our things. Now come along boys. We’ve got to head to The Guzzling Wench and find our ride!” The mass of luggage sighs and begins to follow the other priests of the sun goddess toward the bar where they can meet their ride.

Holbrook: Shrine City of Water, Southern Vilgreere

Illisia has been wandering again. It’s the only way she gets to spend time with Arnou unaccosted by her pious father. Today she tried helping the old hunter again, but he was off fishing with some big fat man who is in town for the upcoming festival.

“Arnou, are you excited for the festival too? It’s going to be the biggest one yet!”

The large dog with black feet and a horn says nothing, but glances back and happily prances about. Arnou abruptly stops dancing and perks his ears up.

“What is it Arnou?” asks Illisia. Then she hears it too. Her father is calling for her to return home.

Illisia goes home and is told she must go to Hortical instead to learn to be a priestess of Mia

Amestris: Free City of the North – The Guzzling Wench

Asher, Tanner and Lissia meet Krax and Vanya (Taliesin). A traveling agreement is made and Vanya performs at teh Guzzling Wench.

Southern Vilgreere: A Day’s Travel South of Holbrook

Illisia travels with her parents. Arnou follows and is driven away by her father at night. Illisia follows Arnou when it cries out. Dywin is drawn by the sounds of goblins. Illisia and Dywin drive off the goblins. Illisia has a falling out with her father. Illisia and dywin head back to holbrook

Northern Vilgreere: The Road to Holbrook

_Asher, Vanya and company travel to Holbrook. Encounter a large goblin force and drive it off with illusion magic.

Holbrook: Shrine City of Water, Southern Vilgreere

Asher and Vanya for a place to stay in the busy city. Liss drags Asher into conflict with local thugs in the slums. Krax finds a place for all of them to stay_

Illisia and Dywin return to Holbrook and find stange people sleeping in her home. The terrifying orc seems incredibly abashed at the intrusion. Illisia allows them to stay at her home.

Game Rewards of Chapter 1

  • Experience Total: 1000 (250 Each)
    • Combat XP: 800
      • Illisia and Dywin Goblin Encounter (Forest): 250
      • Asher and Vanya Goblin Encounter (Road): 350
      • Thugs in Holbrook: 200
    • Obstacle Experience: 100
      • Successfully driving away the goblins on the road without bloodshed: 100
    • Story Experience: 100
      • Asher backing up Liss Tuttle in the slums of Holbrook: 50
      • Illisia rebelling against her father and a easier life to have freedom and Arnou at her side: 50

Total Party Xp Thus Far: 250
Level 2 at 2000


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