The Dark Horizon

No One Expects the Inquisition!


-Return to Vilgreere
-Take the Crystal Maidens to Princess Veranna
-Veranna orders them to immerse themselves in art and fantasy for inspiration
-Party meets with Poroban Rylan
-Accepts mission to root out the corruption of Commander Bol
-Party Chooses Inquisitorial Method. Accompanied by 10 Royal Knights.
-Encounters large Hobgoblin Warband.
-Vanya loses a rock off.
-Takes no useful prisoners regarding tactics.
-Captures goblin bard who only wants to rock.
-Travels to Manya. Meets new merchant: Godwin.


Vanya won Round 2 of Rock Off.

No One Expects the Inquisition!

Round 2 of Rock Off had low viewership and wasn’t reported on air.

No One Expects the Inquisition!

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