The Dark Horizon

Chapter 3: Element... Squad?

After helping the locals heal and recover from the goblin attack, the group retires to rest one final night in Illisia’s home. In the morning, the party discusses what to do.

The group informs Krax, Liss, and Tanner of what happened in the chamber. Tanner seems to have read a lot of the old stories about the Elemental Chosen back in Amestris but he doesn’t know enough specifics to really help. Liss is just mad that she didn’t get any cool blasty powers when there is a world to save.

When asked where he disappeared to during the events of the Chosen, Krax said he was ‘taking care of some business’ and that Turjo ‘musta been killed by some goblins cause I found him in an alley dead.’

After making everyone a delicious breakfast, Krax suggests that the group go visit Goremound, city of the orcs, and visit the fire shrine if they want to try to get some power for Liss. He then takes his final leave of the group. After Krax left, Illisia finds 20gp left for her in the pan that Krax used to cook.

The group visits the water shrine one more time in order to see if they can still access the chamber of the chosen, but finds the shrine dormant.

Without much to go on other than some incomplete stories from Tanner, they decide the best route is to stick together as chosen and go to Vilgreere Castle Town and research the history of the Elemental Chosen. In order to avoid paying another travel fee, Asher and Vanya persuade a traveling nobleman to hire them as protection for the goblin-infested roads to the capital city.



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