The Dark Horizon

Catching up to the now

Party Leaves Manya

Approached by Nox on the road

Agrees to help her clean a tomb for a share of treasure

Enter tomb near the lake

Has trouble fighting at doors.

Symmetrical dungeon cleared of undead.

Treasure found

Final room has green dragon wyrmling and cursed sword pillar.

Wyrmling cannot be reasoned with.

Tanner dies.

Dragon tries to escape: stopped by Illisia.

Asher Coup-de-Grace Dragon.


Party leaves sword alone fearing the curse.

The Chosen along with Nox arrive at Vilgreere Castle Town

Meet the Sunpriest

Tanner’s Funeral.

Return to the Crypt.

Smash corpses and retrieve sword. Sword given to Liss.

Return to Vilgreere with Nox.

Get cut of spoils

Attempt to get information about the Chosen: cannot get access to royal library

Encounter Alex who aids them by sharing his research within the public records of the city and pays to have Tanner’s Family Notified of his fate.

Offered a job to foil thieves near library by Nox

Thieves turn out to be Lectors of Valla Kaan.

Illisia encounters Nox within strange hideout the thieves were attacking.

Illisia Klepto’s some books.

Nox takes captured Lectors with party’s blessing to her anonymous employer.

Back at base, books turn out to be from Royal Library.

Bricks are shat and books are taken back to the hideout to be returned.

Princess corners party with wand and demands books. Party submits. Books are not only thing missing.

Princess finds out party are the chosen and fangirls out.

Princess and party go looking for whoever might have missing books.

Princess returned safely after failing to find things.

Nox found in upper-class inn. Says she couldn’t find the books again even if she tried.

Note left for princess saying the books are lost and that the chosen are going to the Lake of Glass to learn more about themselves and perhaps to find a shrine.

The Chosen head to Barada to find transport to Glasser Cove.

Party finds willing Captain as Liss wins a year’s salary gambling with Pirates

Party transported to Glasser Cove and dropped off by sea captain. No port fees paid. Nothing comes of this.

Party is told to head to the Temple of Glass to see the Chamber of Awe and to be wary of dangers on the road.

Chosen encountered by large group of Crystal Elementals.

A strange dance of not wanting to fight occurs until the Elementals pick the Chosen up and carry them off miles away to a secluded cavern filled with Elementals.

The Chosen learn of the Usurper of Glass from Karkak Miszash. They learn of Miszash the First and the plight of the elementals.

The Group heads to the Temple of Glass.

They are thoroughly creeped out by the monks.

Their mind is fucked around with within the Chamber of Awe.

They leave knowing they cannot return until they wish to become members of the order and have their lives arranged for this.

They return to the cavern of Karkak.

They resolve to end the chain of slavery and brainwashing and to return to the Temple of Glass.

A plan is drawn up to use the strange situation to their advantage via stealth and trickery followed by force.



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