The Dark Horizon

Assault on the Glasser Monks

The Chosen decide to follow through with their plan to attack the Glasser Monks of The Temple of Glass.

Waiting a day to appear to let the mind-control magic of the Monks ‘work’ on the party, they return to the Temple of Glass with a disguised Taliesin leading the party in the visage of a Glasser Monk initiate. His appearance is pristine, enhanced by the Hat of Disguise purchased in Vilgreere.

Taliesin’s ruse works well on the lesser mind-baked initiates in the upper levels of the Temple and he manages to bloodlessly escort the party all the way down past the Chambers of Awe before trouble arrives.

And arrive it does. Standing before the Crystal Barrier the protects the Crystal Shrine, a Glass Mage and several warrior monks are not fooled. The likelyhood of an initiate taking the uninitiated this deep prompts a test of scripture.

“As the crystal grows and extends beyond, from whence does the light come?”

Learning that the answer is not “Uh…. shit.” the mage and monks engage in combat and are quickly overwhlemed by the martial prowess of the Chosen and their beasts. A runner is shot down before he can alert the cavalry and the path they came from is smartly sealed by Dywin’s Crystal Power with a massive wall.

Hurrying to the room with the Orb that controls the Elementals within the Chosen are forced to dispatch two small yellow elementals and then try to sneak close enough to the orb to disable it.

Time turns against them as the monks sealed off from chasing them find another path and gather half of the order in their wake.

Dywin enhances his movement speed thinking that his affinity to the element of Crystal will give him an edge in controlling the Crystal Orb that enslaves the Elementals. Taliesin summons an Illusion that draws the mighty Miszash away from the Crystal orb.

Realizing the danger and the illusion, a small cadre of monk guardians call Miszash, Crystal Lord of the Shrine, back to protect them and the controlling orb. Sacrificing himself to buy time, Arnou engages Miszash until he is smote to the earth in ruin.

The mob of monks arrive on the scene, but their addled brains are unable to discern illusions. Taliesin uses this to his advantage and has his illusory Demon engage them until they can be better managed.

Dywin has his pet engage the human guardians and uses his speed to outmanuever the defenders and disable the orb’s control.

The Elementals are freed from the control of the monks and the Temple of Glass Turns upon itself. No match for the elementals, the remaining monks are slaughtered in droves. Mizsash himself channels his power to impale all of the mindless slaves upon crystal spikes.

Grateful for his freedom, Miszash clears a path to the Crystal shrine and smashes the barrier that blocks the path within.

Beyond they find the nexus that connects the Plane of Glass to the Prime Material Plane and pass through to find the Grand Maester of Glass and bring the Usurper to justice.

Within the Plane of Glass, they find a paradise where a grand manor filled with riches and beautiful women await. Crystal slaves work the fields and produce food to sate the Grand Maester, while his slave women sate his base passions.

Wrecking the opulent home, Miszash opens a path to the jacuzzi’s and swimming pools on the other side of the home. There, The Grand Maester of Glass, a fat, pathetic man attempts to hide behind his women unbelieving that the wrath of Miszash and the Chosen are upon him. Commanding, Pleading and offering rewards to the chosen if they only call of the elementals has no effect and the slave lord of glass is executed by Asher Armstrong with the Light of the Chosen.

The women within are found out to be slaves bought or kidnapped at a young age. They have no skills beyond pleasure and have no where to go. They say that there were others, but those found to be unattractive were …. removed. Ten women in total. 6 Humans. 1 Half-Elf, 1 Half-Orc, 1 Gnome, 1 Kitsune.

Leaving this issue to wait for a few minutes, the Chosen decide to enter the Shrine of Crystal back on the Prime Material Plane as the Crystal Elementals go forth to purge the monks from the Temple of Glass.

Within the Shrine, Liss is finally able to enter with the other Chosen and within the Group finds more unclaimed elements: Ice, Life, Mist, Fire, Ooze, Water. This means that Earth, Magma and Air have been claimed since they last came to this chamber.

Chosing the fire orb, the party is transported to the Plane of Fire. There was no orb to grant power to Liss so that she may take her trial. Instead, Asher asks Sharae to grant him the ability to understand the strange language spilling forth from a smoke cloud descending upon them.

The smoke cloud speaks in infernal and fortells their doom, complaining that he thought his trials were already over. Coalescing into some kind of devil of Fire and Smoke, he hurls a life-ending ball of flame at Liss and misses. Wreathing a flame shield around himself, he prepares to slay the newcomers so that he can leave this place and return to the mortal plane. his fire shield is quenched by repeated water attacks from Dywin and much to his dismay, he runs out of power to throw at the Chosen who have engaged him.

Though Liss was struck down by the black Falchion of the Devil-man, she is assisted and healed by her friends and is able to slay the Dark Fire Chosen and absorb his power. Smiling, she takes his ring and the Chosen return to the Chamber of the Chosen where they find The Pale Watcher has returned.

The Pale Watcher grants them the power of the Crystal Shrine, which increases their MP pools, grants them a new Elemental Power based on their element and unlock the ability to learn Metamagic Feats for Chosen abilities.



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